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HOW many in your group exercise their ‘Civic Responsibility’ to vote?

In liberty-minded groups the standard answer would probably be from 95 to 100%. Most people in these groups believe that by performing this responsibility they have done just about all they can to stop the government from charging down the path to tyranny. This, unfortunately, is not the case. The next question all people need to ask themselves is:

HOW have you exercised your ‘Civic Authority’ after voting?

Most people’s eyes glaze over when asked this question. It happens because “civic authority” in most cases is a new concept.

Do the people in your group understand the meaning of ‘Civic Authority?’

Exercising ‘Civic Authority’ means after the elections holding the officials accountable for their actions as the people’s elected advocate.

The combination of civic responsibility and civic authority leads individuals to regaining the Natural right to self-governance.

What is ‘Self-governance?’

Self-governance is exercising one’s individual liberty, civic accountability and responsibility for the control of instituted government. Often times a citizen lacks the knowledge, skills and the ability to articulate a desire to make policy changes necessary to restore government to its proper role. Current liberty-minded civics training only teaches theory without regards to case studies or practical application exercises. The Tennessee Center for Self-governance teaches concrete ways, through educational training and exercises, how to influence legislators and policy.

There are five levels of training:

This course introduces the concepts surrounding self-governance, civic authority and brings everyone up to a common level of knowledge regarding their role in exercising civic responsibilities and authority. This course is foundational and lays the ground work necessary to successfully implement the lessons learned in future courses.

Level 2 teaches argument framing, messaging, debate, and communications in strategic self-governance. Students learn how to engage legislators, citizens, media, and opponents to self-governance. This course gives students the hands on experience needed to effectively communicate a self-governance message.

This lesson gives the students a macro understanding of State Legislature, County and City Government. Students will learn to overcome obstacles and hurdles while navigating the local, state, and federal legislative process. The course prepares the student for detailed inside and outside game strategy in Level 4.

Level 4 gives the student a micro understanding of the State Legislature, Strategy and Game Theory. He will expand his understanding of the detailed processes and inner workings of the state legislature. The student will learn to navigate and manipulate the inside game. And it teaches the student how to develop and execute an outside game to influence policy making outcomes.

The Level 5 course allows students to choose between one of two pathways. The first pathway provides the students with the knowledge of running for elected office, effectively manage their campaign, and successfully transition to legislating. The second pathway teaches students the knowledge, skills, and abilities he needs to operate inside and outside the legislature with the same capabilities as a professional lobbyist.

What people are saying about the training they received from the Tennessee Center for Self-governance:

“Thanks so much to (The Tennessee Center for Self-Governance), for doing the class on Self Governance. I am 100% convinced that this class needs to be taught through-out America. The information covered was factual and focused on the solutions that can correct most of the issues in Government today. I pray this message will make its way all across this great country and change it for the better. Thank you again for all you are doing for Paul, CSA, Cookeville, TN Liberty.”
John W

“I took the course and I feel from a PSM (Parrish Social Ministry) prospective, it is excellent and wish we could get the Diocese to take it up.”
Betty Wallin
Memphis, TN

“As Co-founder and National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots I strongly recommend you consider partnering with the Tennessee Center for Self-governance. The techniques taught by TNCSG impacted the recall election in Wisconsin, moved stalled state legislation for a floor vote, along with numerous other examples. Every citizen needs to learn how to exercise their civic authority through TNCSG. Our country depends on it!”
Jenny Beth Martin
Co-founder & National Director for Tea Party Patriots

“Our Republic is in peril, and it can only be saved by citizens in the states. The leaders who are organizing the TN Ctr. for Self-Governance are showing how to hold politicians accountable in the state capital in Nashville. They are also telling state government leaders to challenge Congress on issues like health care, which should be left to the states and the people.”
Eric O’Keefe, Chairman
Sam Adams Alliance

“As a Tennessee State Senator, I strongly encourage partnership with the TNCSG Team. I have personally experienced the impact an educated citizen can impose on the legislative process. The strength of our state requires your commitment to work with elected representation. The Tennessee Center for Self-Governance is the path I recommend to stake your claim to the commitment of self-governance and building the strong foundation Tennessee requires to preserve it.”
Mae Beavers
Senator, Tennessee

So, if the people in your group are tired of being the sheep led around by the legislators who believe they are the ranchers, they can break this destructive cycle through citizen engagement. These courses are a solution for citizens to cast off the sheep skins and become the ranchers of their country again. It is the place for citizens to start to learn how to exercise civic authority, leverage a self-governance agenda and hold Missouri’s local, state and federal delegates accountable to the their agenda.

I would like to hear from you if this is a course of training your organization might consider following to get your members engaged with setting legislative policy.


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Written by Leatherneck Blogger

February 11, 2013 at 14:27

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