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Defeating the Delphi – Step by Step instructions

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By Heather Gass


1. Organize and meet with your group before the visioning meeting. So you know who is in your group and you can get everyone trained on the Delphi technique. This is critical.

  • Do not go to one of these meetings unprepared.
  • You need at least 25 or more at one of these meetings. More is better

2. Make sure you RSVP to the visioning meeting:

  • Use a fake name and email address to rsvp to the public visioning workshop
  • If you don’t RSVP they may not let you in
  • If you don’t RSVP, go anyway, but arrive late and just take a seat. Usually they are too busy to figure out who you are at that time. These are public meetings you have a right to be there. Your tax paying dollars are used to put them on.

3. Use a fake name when you sign in

4. Do not identify as a tea party group or any other group

  • Go as anonymous citizens
  • Enter the event separately and leave separately
  • Do not make eye contact with one another
  • Take your name tag off
  • They will try to take pictures of you to identify you later
  • Identify a location for your group to go to right after the visioning meeting so you can all debrief each other.

5. Seating Strategy: Round table vs. theater style

  1. Have at least 2 people or more from your group sitting at the same table if it is a round table configuration
  2. The facilitators and shills will be at each table and throughout the room. There will usually be 3 or more of them at each table.
  • Theater Style Seating
  1. Have your group sit in a diamond shape configuration and also have them at all the outer corners.
  2. You want the appearance of being everywhere. You have to surround them. You want opposition to appear to be coming from everywhere in the room
  3. DO NOT sit in a group of more than 2 or 3.

6. Pretend you don’t know anyone within your group

  • Do not let them break you up into small groups that isolate you from their predetermined groups

7. After you sit down:

  • Start asking anyone who is sitting near you questions: Interview them as if you are really interested. The idea is to identify whether they are shills/stakeholders/facilitators or just regular citizens. Here are some questions you can ask;
  1. What do you do?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. Are you a sponsor of the event?
  • If yes ask other questions:
  1. Are you a developer?
  2. How does your company support this process?
  • Have you been to this type of meeting before?
  • Do you have kids?
  • All this information will be necessary to fight them later on in the meeting.
  • You can use much of this info against them later.

8. Note who the facilitators are; The Facilitators are PROFESSIONALS at group manipulation

  • Do not let them vote on any of the presented questions or information
  • The facilitators will sometimes start out at one table where they will pretend not to be facilitator or shill and will vote. Then later they will move to a different table where they will then identify themselves as a facilitator. If you are not paying attention you will not know that they voted. That is why we must identify who they are by asking questions when you first get to these meetings.
  • Identify and point out the shills/stakeholders/facilitators in the audience
  1. Expose them if they are voting
  2. Ask them how or why can they be voting if they are a stakeholder if this meeting is meant to be for the public?
  3. If they are facilitators or stakeholders (i.e., anyone from a private company that stands to benefit from the outcome of this meeting) you need to ask them why they are even at the meeting? These meetings are meant be ONLY for the public.
  4. Do not let the facilitators run the group. You need to take control and derail their propaganda.
  • Ask TON’s of questions. Do NOT Stop!
  •  Do not let the facilitators get away with asking vague questions while insisting the audience vote on these questions.
  • The facilitators will present “What if” scenarios without specific information and insist that you vote
  • They will tell you they want your input but when you give it they will tell you they can’t take questions and move on
  1. Do not let them move on with their presentation until they answer your questions as they will never answer your question later
  2. Their goal is to inform you not get your input.

9. Do not let the facilitators vote or run the group

  • Point out they are part of the stake holder meeting and should not be voting
  • Let them know that there is no consensus
  1. A collective opinion is an opinion that does not apply to anyone
  • They will try to isolate, humiliate and marginalize you. Just keep focused and do not stop. They will also get others (shills) in the audience to shout at you, call you names and tell you to shut up and sit down. They may even flip you off. Do not stop. Just keep on asking questions.
  • Do NOT let them come to a consensus. You must let them know that you object and there is no consensus!

10. Ask questions; control the environment of thought. Keep bringing the topic back to the facts

  • DO NOT write your questions down. They will NEVER be answered. The facilitators don’t want others to hear your dissent so they will try to get you to just write your questions down.
  • Who is going to pay for this?
  • What is the monetary cost?
  • Why isn’t there a choice to say none of the above?
  • Pretend you are stupid
  • Use the good cop bad cop method
  • Everyone in your group must BACK whoever is asking questions up when they get attacked or marginalized.
  1. YOU MUST Speak up and tell the facilitators or shills to back off. I want to hear what that person has to say.
  2. I want to hear the answer to that question
  3. You asked for public input and we are giving it to you
  4. Tell them they are being rude by interrupting the questioner
  5. Don’t be afraid to be ASSERTIVE. They will tell you that you are being RUDE when you question them. When in fact they are the ones being rude.

11. STAND YOUR GROUND. Do not give in.

12. Remember the facilitators want us to lose control and leave

  • DO NOT leave NO MATTER How much you feel like it. Stay there even if you are mad as hell.
  • Make them have to deal with you.
  • Get them flustered and make THEM LOSE CONTROL!

13. Your group must be trained well enough to adapt and adjust your game plan on the fly when the professional meeting managers change the game.

  • They will try to isolate you. Do not let them do that.

14. Video tape everything!!!

  • If you don’t video tape the event. It is if it never happened
  • Post on You Tube
  • Blog about the event
  • Get the Word out to everyone


Written by Leatherneck Blogger

May 9, 2013 at 06:00

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