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Carbon Sense Coalition media release

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This statement arrived in my email today, from Viv Forbes, who is fighting the carbon taxes killing the Australian economy.  He has done a fantastic job of assembling all of the government expenditures (taxes) being thrown away in the name of climate change regulation and legislation.  Every country that has made “commitments” under the Kyoto Protocol wastes billions, even trillions, of our taxpayer dollars, in this ridiculous quest for a sustainable planet.  This includes the United States of America, who, although the treaty was never ratified by the Senate, has been quietly but through executive order, legislation, and regulation, imposing harsh restrictions on our carbon dioxide emitting industries, utilities, and manufacturing facilities.  Read below the scope of Australian dollars wasted on climate change and realize how much of this is happening here in America.

If the Romans Had the EPA (2)

For Immediate Release

14th May 2013

Fix the Budget by Cutting Climate Waste

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May 28, 2013 at 06:00

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