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Local Education and Common Core

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By Esther Bohnert and David Larson

“Don’t believe me, educate yourself and you decide!”  Stacy Shore, speaker at the Common Core State Standards Initiative presentation in Cape Girardeau.

A group of local citizens interested in reforming and maintaining local control of education along with Concerned Women of America, Missouri hosted a meeting outlining the Common Core State Standards Initiative on November 20th, at the Osage Center.  Seventy-seven people that included parents, grandparents, school board members, and other community leaders attended the meeting.  A lot of material was covered in a short time and many people stayed over after the presentation to ask questions.

Stacy Shore, a parent from Camdenton County traveling the state to educate people about what is coming to our schools in the very near future, was the speaker.  Coming from a family of educators, she began her private journey into the world of CCSSI because she wanted to uncover the root cause of why her child could not read or do simple math problems.  As Ms. Shore looked into it she discovered that CCSSI and the restrictions teachers face under the Standards was the cause.  During her research, using primary sources, she became horrified at Washington’s attempts to take over local education.  She outlined many federal programs in her presentation that she believes parents are unaware of.  These programs come not only from CCSSI but were started under President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind.  Her assertions are not her personal opinions.  They are authenticated by respected members of academia, mental health counselors and government documents.

Her testimony can be viewed at the following website: http://commoncore.fwsites.org/stacy-shore/

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November 22, 2013 at 21:27

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