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Response to Speak Out demagoguing opponents of Common Core

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Common Core Standards and Assessments are a trademarked product of two private trade associations (NGA and CCSSO). They were originally brought into the state by an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the NGA and CCSSO signed by the governor before the standards were written. States were forced by the US DoED to adopt the Common Core Standards and Assessments in order to get a waiver from “No Child Left Behind.” In doing so, Governor Nixon signed on to one of two consortia tasked with developing assessments. They are in no way a state led project.

The English and math standards identified in the agreement he signed, which, at the time, were not even published for examination, are copyrighted to the NGA and a companion Washington-based trade organization, the Council of Chief State School Officers. The newly developed science standards are copyrighted to Achieve Inc., another private Washington-based organization that partnered with the NGA and CCSSO to develop the standards. Copyright ownership is published on the Common Core State Standards website. The copyright means that no one in the state of Missouri has authority to change the curriculum standards — not a school board, not DESE, not the governor — no one. Only the copyright holder can change the standards.

Local education is a local responsibility. It is the stakeholders in the communities, through their locally elected Boards of Education, that determines the educational needs of their own and not some bureaucrat’s sitting at some faraway desk with no connection to these communities.

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November 27, 2013 at 06:00

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