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Common Core’s Failures

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Where the CC math has been tried, it has not shown any improvement and in some cases has actually lowered the test scores from prior programs. In Utah, it was no better; in Massachusetts, it lowered the scores. CC math postpones teaching algebra from the traditional 8th grade to 9th grade. How is that any improvement?

The CC language arts curriculum lowers the standards to only 50% classical literature from what was traditionally 80%. The other 50% is just informational text, such as reading a computer manual. Why is that so bad? Classical literature is the foundation of our nation.

In spite of the grants that some governors are receiving, it is estimated that the over-all costs for the States to implement the program will be $16 billion. It is mainly for the cost of the computers and software that is needed for the assessments. California who did not win the federal government grant is stuck with a bill for an estimated $1.6 billion.

Local education is a local responsibility. It is the stakeholders in a particular community, through their locally elected Board of Education, that determines the educational needs of their own and not some bureaucrat’s sitting at some faraway desk with no connection to a community.

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December 3, 2013 at 06:00

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