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Civic Authority and Self-governance

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Jon Abernathy

To build credibility and influence over decision makers, citizens should engage in the legislative process. Citizens can exercise their civic authority as the founding fathers intended with a minimal amount of involvement while coordinating with like minded proponents of self government. A republic is a balance between monarchy, tyranny and anarchy. A republican form of government intends to govern citizens by a law that is fair to all citizens and provides for their own self rule.

The social contract then explains the relationship between natural rights and legal rights. We are born with natural rights. As societies are formed and develop their governments, they actively trade rights to some extent for legal rights. Self governance is self-determined man exercising individual liberty, personal and civic accountability and responsibility for the control of instituted government. Our Creator gave us rights and we, the people, created the government to safeguard those rights. We the people have authority over our government. It is the right and civic duty of the people to exercise their power to limit this government.

The government derives its powers from the consent of the governed. Civilized governance requires that we, as a collective, abdicate our decision-making authority to a central power, but the political authority should be derived from the consent of the governed. Centralized governance fulfills the individual and society’s need for safety, security and order amongst others. Societies bring us benefits. Assuming divisions of labor, specialized productions generate increased productivity and barter results. Personal safety and security is a benefit of central government.

In a republic, an educated citizenry actively participates in limiting the central government. This is vital for maintaining the balance of power between self-governance and centralized governance. Self governance can be described as active involvement in centralized government. Citizens need to be educated in the local government, such as school boards, city councils and county boards and make themselves available to guide government officials.

Citizens should give their input to their elected officials or they can be ruled by small factions of energetic citizens working only for their own interests. This is the current state of affairs in our government. We voted in people who we thought were like minded and we figured our job was done. We went about our lives and did not pay close attention to what was going on in our government. Looking at this situation a year later and you have to wonder: What was this person thinking? How did he come up with these things? Politicians are human and they get corrupted into the power of centralized governance. In order to maintain balance with our elected officials, we need to keep a working relationship with the city, county, state and federal elected and appointed officials. That is why a team of citizens must be built to be effective in countering them and keeping the freedom our forefathers gave to us and for the future of our nation.

With this course in self governance we see the reasoning why our founders fled and desired to start a new nation. It is important to realize what is given to you by God, our creator, and what is given to you by man’s laws. This republic can only be kept if we the people support and control the government we built. This course shows how our founding fathers came to choose a republic as our form of government and how it is the duty of citizens to keep the government in check. This enables us to have as much freedom as possible to choose how we live our lives and still continue to live in a civilized society.

We have failed in teaching people why we chose the republic as our form of government and how it works to protect us. All of us need to be educated in this, but schools have gradually stopped teaching children our history. Over the years, things have steadily been cut from the curriculum which would educate people in how our government works and why personal involvement is so important. The student never realizes that he actually has powers (and responsibilities) as a citizen. He never gets the knowledge of the history of our country and how (and why) we got started. This has led to a much too powerful central government. Education is a very useful tool to control students and what they learn because they are used to being controlled in a school setting. Without the facts of our history, they are propagandized.

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March 26, 2014 at 23:34

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