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Hillary Clinton’s tax returns: the most hilarious chart

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There was a good reason why Hillary Clinton chose a Friday afternoon document-dump time slot to release her and Bill’s joint 2007-2014 tax returns.  The income total of $139 million over eight years is awfully one-perecenter-ish ($17.4 million a year on average), of course.  But dig a little into the deductions, and you strike comedy pay dirt.

Paul Caron of Taxprofblog checked out the charitable deductions claimed by the prosperous couple.  It turns out they are tithing!  A total of $15 million, or 10.8% of their adjusted gross income, went to helping others.  Wow, that’s pretty good, and the tax savings are nothing to sneeze at.

But go one level farther, and you discover that 99% of their charitable giving went to Clinton family charities.  The ones that pay for travel expenses for the Clintons and hire their old friends to work for future political campaigns, along with doing the storied “good work” we always hear about (holding glitzy conferences for wealthy donors, for example).

Doug Ross of Director Blue put out a pie chart that says it all:


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August 21, 2015 at 05:00

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