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Greta van Susteren Comes out for Bullet Control

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From American Thinker
October 16, 2015
It is not a novel idea — the notion that the route to gun control is not by attacking the right to bear arms which the U.S. Supreme Court has declared to be both an individual and a national right, but to use that old standby, regulation, to dry up the supply of bullets. It was that idea that was endorsed by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren when she appeared on ABC’s “This Week”:

When I practiced law in the District of Columbia, very strict gun laws. And every single one of my clients could get a gun. The guns are out there. They are all over. And you can create all the laws you want, but all the guns are out there. They’re going to be coming in through black markets. And so we’re not being very realistic that all of a sudden putting — changing the laws is going to change anything.

The guns are there. If you really want to regulate you’ve got to be a little bit smarter, maybe regulate ammunition so that people can’t use their guns. That’s the smart thing.

The Obama administration has already tried this very tactic of achieving gun control through regulation of ammunition and actually it’s a pretty dumb thing. As Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) editorialized:

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October 16, 2015 at 09:00

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