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Never Accept Their Premise: Only Obama Will Shut Down Government

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By Katie Kieffer

Government shutdowns are not cancer and today I’ll show why we must stop taking the bait. Indeed, I’ll show why we will lose elections if we are unwilling to shut down the government in order to protect human life and reform immigration policy.

CNN’s Dana Bash did not speak much during last week’s presidential debate—but, when she did, she succeeded in corralling GOP candidates into a corner. The corner of accepting her wobbly tri-fold premise:

1. Shutdowns cost Republicans elections.

2. Shutdowns are akin to national disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

3. Anytime we shut down the government, Republicans are 100% responsible for any associated inconveniences, costs or disgruntled federal employees.

Gov. John Kasich directly stated his fear of shutdowns during the debate. Gov. Chris Christie hemmed and hawed. And, if silence is consent—many other candidates seemed to sanction Bash’s premise through silence. To briefly recap:

BASH: “Governor Kasich, Senator Cruz is so committed from stripping funds from Planned Parenthood that it could result in shutting down the federal government in just about two weeks. Do you agree with Senator Cruz’ tactic?”
(Kasich and Bash go back and forth)

BASH: “Yes or no, do you support this shutdown?”

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October 21, 2015 at 05:00

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