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Why Are Moms Demand Action Supporters So Inherently Vile and Violent?

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A rabid supporter of gun control edited a recent video of conservative talker andHands Off My Gun author Dana Loesch to depict her bloody demise.

Conservative talk radio host and gun-rights advocate Dana Loesch says she has reached out to the FBI after an Internet troll edited a promotional video she recently did for the National Rifle Association to depict her bloody gun death.

Twitter user @TomAdelsbach, who describes himself as a “Graphic Artist, Website Designer, Flash Animator” from Chicago, edited the video to show Ms. Loesch shooting herself in the head. His now-deleted post read, “Dana Loesch’s new promotional video for the #NRA ‘backfires’ on her,” a local Fox affiliate reported.

Adelbach’s Twitter feed [Read more…]

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October 27, 2015 at 05:00

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