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‘Gun Control’ Is Actually Conservative Control

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Any casual observer of reality in America can figure out which citizens are likely to embrace the Second Amendment, and which will need to change pants at the mere thought of a gun. Liberals are terrified of guns in a way that is utterly detached from logic and reason.  They aren’t terrified of their cars. They aren’t frightened of their carving knives, or pruning shears, or hammers, or baseball bats. Liberals are terrified of guns because they’ve been conditioned to believe they are possessed of evil, and can only do evil. By extension, many of them further believe that to touch one, or use one, is tantamount to a betrayal of their own imagined morality. This same set of fallacies enables them to comfortably indulge their considerable capacity for bigotry and unabashed hatred for those who have no use for superstitions and delusions.

The people most likely to possess guns are rational Americans who still understand and cherish the Bill of Rights — not just the Second Amendment, but all of them. For the most part, such persons are generally politically conservative, since gun phobia is a uniquely liberal affliction. Already having an understanding

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Written by Leatherneck Blogger

November 8, 2015 at 05:00

2 Responses

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