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Planned Parenthood: Why Fund These Killers of the Unborn?

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By Ken Blackwell & Bob Morrison
From American Thinker
October 5, 2015

The recent national debate about violence and race points us to the important work of two of Family Research Council’s lead researchers, Dr. Patrick Fagan and Christina Hadford.  Their report is titled “The State of the Black Family in America.”  Fagan and Hadford work for MARRI, the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, a division of FRC.

This MARRI report is essential to our understanding of the current political conflict in Washington.  It leads us to ask: should we continue to fund Planned Parenthood?

This outfit gets more than $500 million annually from our tax dollars.  They killed more than 300,000 unborn children last year.

The drive to take away their federal monies was sparked by the undercover investigation done by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.  Daleiden and CMP provided compelling video evidence of Planned Parenthood operatives scavenging hearts, lungs, and livers from their little victims.  Planned Parenthood is not directly funded for these killings, but it profits from them.  It profits as well from selling the organs of its victims to the highest bidder.  One of its greedy exploiters is caught on camera grasping for more money because “I want a Lamborghini.”  And she laughs.  This horrific story provides an occasion for a searching examination of our consciences and public policy.

President Obama has threatened to veto any congressional appropriations bill that takes away even one dollar from Planned Parenthood.  He is willing to close down the federal government over this, yet his apologists in the media call his opponents extreme on this issue.

The great hope of many in 2008 was that the election of Barack Obama would arrest the alarming decline of the black family.  His own exemplary family offered grounds for that hope.

But President Obama has fully embraced the lethal logic of Roe v. Wade for unlimited abortion.  He became the first US president

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November 11, 2015 at 05:00

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