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Legislatures should be security-free, gun-free zones like college campuses

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Our kids deserve the best.  On many college campuses, they are not allowed to carry guns to protect themselves.  If that’s the best, I think our state legislators should share in the best.  Whether students can carry guns on campuses is often decided by campus officials, but state law is the ultimate decider.  That’s why I think state legislatures should be declared “gun-free zones,” and their security guards and metal detectors should be withdrawn.

If a nut or a radical Muslim comes and starts shooting legislators, one by one, taking his time because he knows no one is armed, then legislators may call the police, just like students on campuses can during a massacre.  If it’s good enough for the students, it’s certainly good enough for state legislators.  Referendums should be passed requiring legislators to be stripped of their security protection unless and until they pass a law allowing students to carry guns on campuses.

Of course, this can be effected in others ways.  In states that have referenda and initiatives (currently 26), one could simply directly support an initiative that would require guns to be legal on campuses.

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Written by Leatherneck Blogger

November 24, 2015 at 05:00

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