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Women Disarming Women

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The gun control movement has become the new feminist battleground. Courtesy of millions of dollars flowing from Michael Bloomberg to women-fronted groups, the face of “gun control” is now decidedly female. Feminization of the issue is not by happenstance. It is a deliberate strategy designed to appeal to gender voters, to beta males, to those who make decisions based on emotion rather than fact, and to those who are ill-informed but know what is best for all. If this movement is successful, the consequences will be tragic and deadly — especially for women. Women who choose to arm for self-protection in an increasingly dangerous society will be denied that right and instead, will be forced to become easy prey and crime statistics. Make no mistake: gun control is the real war on women and civilian disarmament is the goal. Michael Bloomberg has endorsed gun confiscation and Hillary Clinton is onboard. That women are the vanguard of an effort to make all women weak, dependent submissives is a stunning repudiation of feminism’s supposed foundational principle: a woman has the right to make her own life choices.

Female-centric groups, such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun Safety, are portrayed by sympathetic mainstream media and promotional websites as grassroots organizations comprised of safety-focused “caring, concerned moms.” Led by a former Democrat operative, these wise nurturers march, boycott, and demand “common sense solutions” to the ubiquitous “epidemic of gun violence” and “mass shootings.” This sisterhood predictably has expanded to include liberal celebrities and politicians. Julianne Moore, she of the “#not one more” tweets, is recruiting other Hollywood actresses of great intellect to the cause. Gabby Giffords and, of course, Hillary, who has just embraced the cause out of political desperation, are also vying to become the preeminent anti-gun Valkyrie.

What are these “common sense solutions?” The amorphous mantra encompasses any and all impediments to legal carry and gun ownership. The Moms boycott and bully businesses into imposing, through store policy, greater restrictions than those enacted by citizen vote

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Written by Leatherneck Blogger

November 29, 2015 at 05:00

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