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The Ultra-Reactionary Left

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By Bruce Walker
American Thinker
October 24, 2015

The left cares about nothing but power.  All the noise it makes about “change” and “progress” and “revolutions” is just that: noise.  The very last thing leftists want is any change that would cost them power, prestige and wealth.  The left is ultra-reactionary.

Orwell grasped this well in the prevailing ideology of Oceania, which was “Insoc,” or “English Socialism.”  History changed every day so that no one could reflect, and language was maimed so that no one could think.  Oceania was filled with angry militants demanding radical action, but, of course, all the fury of these robotic cadres had no meaning at all and would freeze humanity and prevent it from ever changing.

Power, raw and naked state power, overwhelms less important things like money.  In the Soviet Union, Stalin’s “salary” was as meaningless as Hitler’s “salary” in National Socialist Germany.  A boss who can imprison and torture at will is richer than the richest businessman.

In the Soviet Union, money itself meant nothing because there was nothing to buy with money.  The nomenclatura, the party and state elites, could shop in special stores that actually had goods one might want.  The ordinary Soviet subject, even if nominally a millionaire, could not rent a nice apartment or visit an excellent restaurant or even see a good doctor.  Power was wealth, and “wealth” itself was nothing.

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