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Trump again hearts Planned Parenthood

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By Daniel John Sobieski
American Thinker
March 3, 2016

Shortly after he claimed to be a “unifier” during his Super Tuesday press conference, Donald Trump was at it again, lambasting “so-called conservatives” who don’t share his liberal position on Planned Parenthood, continuing to insist he applauds the group because it allegedly “does a lot of good of good things” for women’s health.

Similar logic applies to his position on Obamacare.  He loves the coercive freedom- and job-killing individual mandate, which is the heart of Obamacare, because he doesn’t want to see bodies in the street, a classic liberal rhetorical scare tactic.  Planned Parenthood may do the occasional mammogram referral, but the heart of its business has been abortions, and money, the saying goes, is fungible.

Trump’s support of Planned Parenthood is incompatible with his claim to have seen the pro-life light.  As LifeSiteNews observes:

Some pro-life voters are wondering how long Donald Trump can continue to praise the nation’s largest abortion business and continue getting away with the claim that he opposes abortion or would sign a bill defunding Planned Parenthood. Tonight — unprompted by an interview or attack from a fellow Republican presidential candidate or from someone on the pro-abortion side, Trump praised the nation’s biggest abortion conglomerate….

Trump dismissed the notion he is not a true conservative because he supports Planned Parenthood, insisting he is “just doing what’s right.”

“Look, Planned Parenthood has done very good work for many, many — for millions of women,” Trump said in a news conference Tuesday night. “And I’ll say it, and I know a lot of the so-called conservatives, they say that’s really … cause I’m a conservative, but I’m a common-sense conservative.”

According to Trump, being 100 percent pro-life is not a true conservative position, and supporting an organization in any way that willingly sells aborted baby parts so its executives can afford Lamborghinis is “common sense.”

Planned Parenthood appreciates The Donald’s mental and moral gymnastics.  In a recent interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards expressed her appreciation to Donald Trump:

MITCHELL: “Cecile, as the head of Planned Parenthood, you’ve been through the mill with all of the controversy in the past couple of months. Here is Donald Trump recently on ‘Meet The Press’ and he sounds like he is in your court. Let’s watch.”

[clip starts]

TRUMP: “They do some very good work, cervical cancer, lots of women’s issue — women’s health issues are taken care of….Planned Parenthood does a lot of good job — a really good job at a lot of different areas but not on abortion. So, I’m not going to fund it if it’s doing the abortion. I’m not going to fund it. Now they say it’s 3 percent and it’s 4 percent, some people say it’s 60 percent. I don’t believe it’s 60 percent by the way, but, I think it’s probably a much lower number. But Planned Parenthood does some very good work.”

[clip ends]….

RICHARDS: “Well, this is one thing I agree with Donald Trump on, is that Planned Parenthood does amazing work for 2 1/2 million patients every single year….

And so, I appreciate his kind words. We’re very proud of our work, but I think women in this country and families and men are going to be very concerned about a president who wants to roll back access to affordable health care in America.”

Someone like Sen. Ted Cruz, perhaps, someone who doesn’t believe that abortion and selling baby parts are “health care,” someone who will order his Justice Department to investigate the arguably criminal activities of Planned Parenthood?  Ted Cruz gets no love letters from the group.  One wonders how Trump would attack Hillary Clinton, who received the group’s Margaret Sanger Award, for her pro-abortion stance, both supporting the “good works” of Planned Parenthood..

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March 12, 2016 at 11:00

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