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On dogs in Islam

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By Hugh Fitzgerald
Jihad Watch
March 26, 2016

The Prophet said, ‘Angels do not enter a house in which there are dogs or pictures.
(Sahih-Al-Bukhari, 7.833, Narrated by Abu Talha)

I first posted at Jihad Watch seven years ago (June 11, 2009) a piece about the fear and hatred Muslims appear to harbor for dogs, and about the consequent mistreatment dogs endure from Muslims. The reports of such mistreatment, by Muslims, of precisely the animal that is most celebrated for his devotion and loyalty to humans, has for many been further confirmation that something is terribly wrong with Islam. That is the tack taken by Peter Hammond in his recent appearance at The Glazov Gang on “Islam’s Hatred of Dogs.”

My post began with a few representative stories about such mistreatment, such as this from England:

In the Reading Evening Mail, for example, one story described a 71-year-old blind Englishman and cancer sufferer who was asked to get off a bus because of the hysterical reaction to his seeing-eye dog by some Muslims on the bus:

A driver told a blind cancer sufferer to get off his bus when a woman and her children became hysterical at the sight of his guide dog. George Herridge, 71, told how the mum flew into a rage and shouted at him in a foreign language. A passenger explained she wanted him to get off the bus during the incident on May 20.

Mr Herridge, from Tern Close, Tilehurst, said: “Her child was kicking and screaming and someone off the bus told me her child was frightened of my dog. The driver said, ‘Look mate, can’t you get off? I stood my ground. I had not done anything, my dog had not done anything and I was getting off the bus for no one.”

And a day after the latest bus incident a lady began screaming “I don’t like dirty dogs” at Mr Herridge at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

A week earlier he faced further animosity from a couple at Asda in The Meadway, he said.

He is unsure what has provoked outbursts but said he thinks some have come from Asian [i.e., Muslim] people and that it may be due to religious or cultural differences.

Drivers have been re-instructed to convey the blind and the bus company has sought advice from the Royal National Institute for the Blind and hopes to speak with Muslim leaders. As part of a Muslim Council of Britain project, Mufti Zubair Butt, Shar’ia advisor to Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS, admitted Muslims “require some education” on guide dogs.”

I went on to mention, in that 2009 posting, similar reports about Somali cab drivers in Minneapolis who refused to pick up passengers with seeing-eye or service dogs.

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April 5, 2016 at 10:00

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