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Persecuted Christians Support Brotherhood Terror Act

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The Clarion Project
April 13, 2016

The proposed law has bipartisan support in Congress. You can use the Clarion Project’s form to contact your rep in less than one minute.

Groups representing the persecuted Christians of the Middle East are urging support for the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act. The legislation is now supported by over 50 members of Congress and you can use the Clarion Project‘s form to contact your representatives in less than one minute.

Three Assyrian Christian organizations—the American Mesopotamian Organization, the Middle East Christian Committee and the Assyrian Genocide and Research Center are calling it a “historic opportunity to strike a blow against one of the Middle East’s oldest and most vicious organizations—the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Coptic Solidarity is also rallying its supporters behind the bill. Its president, Alex Shalaby, said, “Coptic Solidarity calls on all who support civil rights, democracy, and religious freedom to take action on this campaign. A terrorist designation against the Muslim Brotherhood is not just a Coptic issue, but one that affects the welfare of all Egyptians.”

The group’s statement also said that the Muslim Brotherhood “is the head of several subsidiary terrorist organizations in the Middle East, Europe and North America.”

As the Clarion Project has repeatedly documented, the Brotherhood and its supporters have instigated, allowed and participated in the persecution of Egyptian Coptic Christians.

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  2. God is eternal. That being will make what he is. Allah says he made what is presently seen. What is presently seen is not eternal. How can Allah be the eternal God? Think about it. People need to run away from Allah being terrified of that being.


    April 23, 2016 at 04:08

  3. […] Source: Persecuted Christians Support Brotherhood Terror Act […]

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