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Why Abortion Supporters Try To Silence Men

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By Kira Nelson
The Federalist
May 20, 2016

Apparently, sexual anatomy does not matter for picking a bathroom, but biological sex can devalue one’s opinions in an intellectual discussion.

That is, except when it comes to the abortion debate. For many pro-choicers, if you are a pro-life male, you are not welcome to discuss or even listen to a discussion about abortion.

Several weeks ago, I attended a lunch talk at Harvard Law School sponsored by Law Students for Life. The talk was extremely well-attended. A good attendance for a Tuesday lunch talk is about 50 people. By noon, 115 people had squeezed into a lecture hall that sits about 80. Around 70 percent of the attendants were male.

Pro-Lifer Thoughtfully Engages His Opponents

Renowned ethicist and professor Robert George gave the talk. His remarks were titled, “Are Human Embryos Human Beings? Are They Persons?” During his remarks, George systemically presented two arguments: first, that embryos are scientifically human beings in their most immature state, and second, that all human beings possess innate human worth beyond what they can provide to society.

His arguments were thorough and highly thought-provoking. Each time George made an argument, he fairly presented the opposing argument and carefully refuted it. The event was a delightful display of intellectual engagement in a minority view in the elite institutions.

However, the response on campus was anything but intellectual or engaging. Instead of discussing the arguments presented, pro-choice advocates on campus hid behind identity politics. The most prominent rebuttal of George’s presentation had nothing to do with the content of his reasoning or the quality of his scholarship; it had to do with the sex of the attendees at the event.

Shortly after the talk, this post appeared on Facebook.

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May 25, 2016 at 06:00

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