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AFA Pass Along Sheet

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Make copies of this sheet and pass along to your family and friends.

BOYCOTT! Target allows men in women’s dressing and bath rooms

Target says it allows men to use the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms in their stores.

This means a man can simply say “I feel like a woman today” and enter the women’s restroom…even if young girls or women are already in there.

Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get easy access to their victims.

We think the average Target customer is willing to pledge to boycott Target stores until they make protecting women and children a priority.

Join over 1.2 MILLION others and…

Sign the Target Boycott Pledge at www.afa.net/target.


Target’s policy places women and children in danger. Here are some actual news headlines:

  • Peeping tom caught filming women in Target dressing rooms (KMOV, St. Louis, MO)
  • Police arrest man exposing himself in Target bathroom (KVUE, Cedar Park, TX)
  • Florida woman chases ‘Video Voyeur’ out of Target store (Good Morning America)
  • ‘Peeping Tom’ took pics of people in Target bathroom (WAVE, Louisville, KY)

Read a full report on Target at www.afa.net/target

The AFA-called boycott of Target has been promoted by Franklin Graham, Ray Comfort, Sean Hannity, Todd Starnes, and covered by many major newspapers and television networks in America.


  1. If you have not done so, sign the Boycott Pledge at www.afa.net/target.
  2. Print the paper petition at http://www.afa.net/target and distribute it at Sunday school and church.
  3. Make copies of this Pass Along Sheet and give a copy to all your friends and family.

American Family Association – Tupelo, MS 38803 – www.afa.net

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May 28, 2016 at 06:00

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