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The irony of liberals worrying about laws raising costs of abortion

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By Newsmachete
American Thinker
August 20, 2015

Liberals are worried about laws that raise the cost of abortion.  But they never seem to worry about the mandates in Obamacare that raise the cost of medical care generally.

The next big Supreme Court case involving abortion is expected to come from Texas, where a 2013 law led to the closing of many clinics and inspired abortion opponents around the country to propose similar restrictions.

The law’s effects in Texas show the degree to which regulations ostensibly about clinic quality and women’s safety can reduce access to abortion and raise costs for women who choose the procedure

For a woman in the average Texas county, the typical cost of an in-state abortion would rise 15 percent, to $701. That figure is based on the cost of the procedure at eight weeks’ gestation (the national average for women obtaining abortions) and includes a state-mandated ultrasound and counseling, as well as travel costs. The figure leaves out secondary costs, such as lost wages and care for a mother’s children, which can be significant but are harder to quantify.

These higher prices aren’t a coincidence. Converting one of these less expensive clinics to an ambulatory surgical center would probably cost over $1 million and increase the clinic’s annual operating costs by $600,000 to $1 million, according to the testimony of Anne Layne-Farrar, an economist with expertise in cost-benefit analysis, to the district court as part of the case.

Stephanie Toti, the lead litigator for the Center for Reproductive Rights, said that without such upgrades — which seem unlikely for most clinics — the remaining clinics would become overcrowded. Longer wait times would push abortions later into a pregnancy, when they’re more expensive, and possibly beyond the legal limit, 20 weeks’ gestation in Texas.

So government requirements are raising the cost of abortion and increasing wait times.  This disturbs liberals.  But these same liberals never complain about regulations requiring every policy to cover “children” up to the age of 26, to cover maternity care (even for men), to pay a tax to fund Obamacare, to subsidize other policy holders, and other regulations that radically raise premiums.  And meanwhile, access to doctors is substantially reduced under the new Obamacare plans.

But liberals don’t complain about these kinds of government regulations as they do for abortion regulations.  “Good for thee, but not for me,” they say.  But just consider what abortion rules might look like if they were given the same treatment as insurers are under Obamacare.

This article was produced by NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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June 9, 2016 at 06:00

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