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Madeleine Albright – What Can One Say?

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The ex-Secretary of State from the corrupt, immoral, and radical Leftist Democratic William (Bill) J. Clinton administration is way over the top in her public statements. This political hack who once condemned half of the US population to a “place in Hell for women who don’t help each other” has now stated she will register as a Muslim. What a pity it is for someone to follow the example of an irrelevant, divisive, and America-hating radical Leftist such as Gloria Steinem.

Please, Dr. Albright inform the American people when the federal government began requiring  registration by religious affiliation? It is beyond comprehension that this condition exists. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights forbids the federal government from enacting laws or policies “prohibiting the free exercise” of religion.

It seems Dr. Albright is spouting off this hyperbole to become relevant again. Her time has come to an end. The anti-American radical Leftist ideas she so desperately clings to were soundly rejected by freedom-loving Americans as demonstrated by the defeat of the corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton in the last presidential election.

It is time for Madeleine Albright to fade into obscurity.

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