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Demings’ Hit Piece Shows How Backward on Guns (and More) She Is

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By David Cordea
June 13, 2017

Val Demings and the Brady Campaign establish their solidarity with the #Resist crowd, that is with those who oppose the predominant principles and values of Americans living in the “red” states and counties of “Flyover Country.”

“A year after Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, we’re going backward on guns,” a USA Today editorial by Democrat Rep. Val Demings asserts. “How many more times do we have to see the words ‘mass’ and ‘shooting’ next to each other before we take action? How young do the victims have to be before we take action?”

What “action” does Demings have in mind? She’s not ready to show all her cards, because if too many people get wind of the end game, they’re not likely to believe the “No one wants to take your guns” lie.

Of course they do (as the gun-grabbers used to admit before figuring out they’d get more mileage pretending they were all about “gun safety”), and so does Demings. But she’s counting on most of her readers not to have plumbed the depths too deeply to realize that when she’s talking about veteran and Social Security recipient disarmament, she’s really talking about undermining the fundamental principle of due process. And when she opposes proposed bills to relax restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, nationwide concealed carry reciprocity and an end to federal restrictions on hearing-protective suppressors, she’s arguing for prior restraints on that which, per the mandate of the Second Amendment, “shall not be infringed.” .

“I served in law-enforcement for 27 years, four years of that as the Chief of Police for the Orlando Police Department,” Demings says, as if that establishes her bona fides as the arbiter of rights. “Before being elected to Congress I spent most of my adult life wearing a uniform, a badge and carrying a gun. I took an oath to protect the innocent from dangerous people.”

No Rep. Demings, in fact you did not. This is what you took an oath to do, as a cop and as an elected official:

“The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution…”

So she’s an oath-breaker?

With so little regard for the aforementioned rights, and noting that for self-styled “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, is it any wonder Demings is so thin-skinned she threatened using the force of the state to abridge the First Amendment and silence her political opposition?

“Orlando police Chief Val Demings is threatening to sue one of her critics for creating a Web site that criticizes her performance. Valdemings.com is run by Ezell “Easy” Harris, a frequent critic of Demings’, and contains a disclaimer stating the chief has no association with the site. Demings’ attorney, Griffith J. Winthrop III, accuses Harris in an April 17 letter of ‘maligning’ and defaming the chief. The letter also says Harris violated the law by using her ‘persona’ and identity and claims Harris’ behavior is ‘malicious.’ Demings is demanding that the Web site be taken down and threatens to sue Harris if he refuses.”

And as for that gun Demings mentioned carrying, implying she is qualified to be one of the “Only Ones,” while the rest of us are not? Per that website she sicced her mouthpiece on:

“Orlando police Chief Demings given ‘written censure’ for stolen gun …  Demings will have a notice in her personnel file that will remain there for three years as a result of her not properly securing her weapon and ammunition when it was stolen from her car, an internal investigation shows.  Demings’ 9mm Sig Sauer, three loaded magazines, handcuffs and a baton were stolen from her agency-issued vehicle on the evening of Feb. 27. The police reports shows the items were removed from the duffel bag she had placed on the floor and in front of the passenger seat …  The department’s policy states, ‘Employees have an enhanced duty and responsibility to safeguard and maintain control and custody of department owned and issued equipment that is inherently dangerous (firearms).’”

Demings’ negligence contributed to putting another “gun on the street” and she presumes to be a competent authority qualified to lecture the rest of us on gun safety? Did the cost of the replacement gun and gear at least come out of her paycheck, or was the temporary personnel file wrist slap enough?

By the way, spend some time going through that archive and note other instances of mismanagement and corruption, from a female supervisor reportedly getting away with sexual harassment, to a screw-up in an internal affairs investigation of an officer who caused a woman to fall down a flight of stairs, and plenty more. No wonder Demings has since taken over the domain and turned it into a “Rah-Rah Me” site.


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