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Press Release from Rep Jody Hice (R) GA 10th Congressional District
June 21, 2017

Personal protection and being able to defend oneself against an assailant is part of the fabric of our Constitution, which is why I am an ardent believer in the Second Amendment, While Members of Congress are all average Americans, it is clear that we also have a bull’s eye on our backs. In light of recent events, it’s incredibly important that Congressmen and women maintain the ability to provide for their own safety, regardless of the city or state.

The Congressional Personal Safety Act will grant elected officials the authority to carry a firearm anywhere in America, except for the Capitol,

Where does one start with this hypocrisy?

Rep Hice (R) from Georgia states congressional members are average citizens but somehow have a special target on their back. It is crystal clear from reports in  the media that on any given day every American that walks out of the door of her home has a bull’s eye on her back. But the representative feels, like in Animal Farm, “some citizens are more equal than others.”

Rep Hice (R) is in a position to deny the real average citizen her protected right stated in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights “to keep and bear Arms.” One must ask why does Rep Hice (R) violate his oath of office by submitting federal legislation to encourage unequal protection under federal law?

Here is a bit of advice for the representative. Fulfill the promises you made to your constituents. Then submit or support legislation that federally mandates state concealed carry reciprocity for all citizens without limitations.

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