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Despite negative publicity, Muslims in Calgary continues to teach health benefits of FGM as an Islamic practice

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By Christine Douglas-Williams
Jihad Watch
September 5, 2017

Breitbart just wrote about this today, and so it is getting a great deal of attention, but Muslims In Calgary first posted this article on July 7, and Jihad Watch first reported on it on August 15. Despite that initial burst of attention, however, it remained on the Muslims In Calgary website, and is still there now.

“Male circumcision and female circumcision has immense scientific and medical value,” according to Muslims in Calgary, which also proclaims that FGM is an “Islamic tradition.”

FGM is indeed an Islamic practice and tradition in accordance with the Sharia, but one assertion by Muslims in Calgary is horribly wrong:

Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women.

Few things can be more misogynistic than FGM. This cruel practice is routinely performed in the most barbaric fashion, and in the West to boot. As reported by none other than al Jazeera, of all publications:

“The horror of female genital mutilation” has seen “an estimated 66,000 girls…illegally mutilated in the UK, but no one has yet been prosecuted for this practice.”

In Sweden, 150,000 women have undergone FGM, and authorities have admitted to “large areas under Islamic rule.”

In the US, an Ethiopian Muslim in Georgia, Khalid Adem, was convicted in March of aggravated battery and cruelty for using a scissors to perform FGM on his two-year-old daughter.

We live in an era in which falsehoods are being widely accepted as truth. This practice is nothing short of abusive. One wonders why traditional feminists are not decrying it, particularly those of mainstream media status such as the infamous Linda Sarsour, who has distorted the truth by stating the opposite of what Muslims in Calgary states about FGM: Sarsour has stated that FGM is not an Islamic practice.

To continue for a moment on how the truth gets increasingly obscured, Sarsour has also stated, with much support, that “wearing the hijab is some kind of symbol of female liberation.” Well, it has now emerged that this foremost spokesperson for women’s rights — particularly Muslim women’s rights — has given the real reason she wears a hijab: it transformed her from “white” into a “person of color.” Says Sarsour: : “When I wasn’t wearing hijab, I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.”

So now that the truth is on the table, let us continue to discuss the truth about FGM, contrary to how Muslims in Calgary have tried to spin the practice as being gentle and harmless, as well as in  keeping with Sharia.

In February, the World Health Organization (WHO) joined “individuals and organizations worldwide in marking the International day of zero tolerance for female genital mutilation” (FGM). Note: zero tolerance.

WHO reports that “over 200 million girls and women living worldwide have experienced this harmful practice…which has no health benefits and is a violation of the human rights of girls and women.” Effects include “severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.”

Muslims in Calgary have made the grossly false claim that FGM is the equivalent of male circumcision. There are in fact, health benefits to male circumcision, and sometimes it is medically necessary. Male circumcision does not have long term devastating health effects, as does FGM.

The question should be arising repeatedly: why is the West not doing more to crack down on criminal practices that violate human rights, and on those who incite hatred and intolerance? The answer has been clear: to protect “diversity” in the name of political correctness, in favor of one group over another. This racist agenda relegates Muslims to an inferior status. Abuses by white supremacists are never tolerated; nor should they be. Zero tolerance on human rights abuses by white supremacists and by Islamic supremacists equally should be expected. Unfortunately, those who call out the human rights violations that are justified by Sharia, and the human rights violations of Islamic supremacists and jihadists are being called “racist.”

Recently it came to light that Canada’s Border Services Agency was on the alert for the arrival of travelling practitioners of female genital mutilation, and “photos of the cutting tools, belts and ‘special herbs’ practitioners might be carrying in their baggage when they arrive in the country” were circulated to border officers. How will authorities now view the advertisement of FGM by Muslims in Calgary? A recent national report out of Canada says this: “Ottawa says female genital mutilation is ‘abhorrent,’ but offers no commitment on tracking cases.” Why not?

“Male circumcision and female circumcision has immense scientific and medical value”, Muslims in Calgary, July 7, 2017:

How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women

Female Circumcision is an Islamic tradition, and involve only the removal of the clitoral prepuce and no more.

All the early scholars of Islam were agreed that all that is needed to be removed in the circumcision of the female was the prepuce of the clitoris, the fold of skin covering the clitoris. This is the female equivalent of the foreskin in males which is taken off during circumcision.
The inspiration for writing on this touchy topic arose at a recent week-long workshop held by an international Muslim women’s rights organization in Kandy (in Sri Lanka) which I had the fortune of attending thanks to its local organizers.
This group had a lot of nice things to say about women’s rights in Islam and I must say I agreed with much of it, like the rights of Muslim women to enter into marriage with their free consent and even contract marriages on their own accord or their rights to divorce or pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard their freedoms, all well and good, because Islam concedes all these rights to women, on which topics I too have written extensively.

But there was one topic I begged to differ when they brought up the matter, and that was female circumcision. They asked us to discuss a recent Fatwa issued by Malaysia’s National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs in 2009 (*) that declared that the practice was mandatory for Muslim women. They expected us to rip it to pieces, but I differed. Why, because I could not find anything objectionable in it. Reading it carefully, I noticed that those who had drafted it were not at all motivated by a negative attitude towards women’s rights. Rather it clearly stated that all forms of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) found by the WHO to be harmful to women such as clitoridectomy (removal of the clitoris) and infibulation (a still more barbaric practice where the female’s external genitalia including the labia minora and clitoris are removed and stitched) were against the Shariah. But it made an exception, stating that all that was necessary in the case of women was to remove the skin covering the clitoris, which it declared to be obligatory, pointing out that a majority of the classical scholars of Islam including Imam Shafi and Imam Hanbali thought it to be so.

I plainly told the sister who was moderating the show, I could see nothing wrong with it, since all they said that was required was to remove the prepuce or the skin covering the clitoris, a relatively minor and harmless procedure very much like male circumcision which like it might confer some health benefits as well. That raised a few eyebrows, probably because none of them had heard such a novel idea before.

Female Circumcision in Islam involve the removing of part of the prepuce or the skin covering the clitoris, a relatively minor and harmless procedure and very much like male circumcision
Of course there’s really nothing so novel about it. Much has been written about it even by Western Doctors but these studies have been conveniently overlooked to conform to Islamophobic sentiments expressed by a largely Jewish controlled media. This media machine works in different ways. For one thing, it will say that Islam advocates genitally mutilating women to curb their sexuality, citing examples of barbaric forms of FGM practiced in sub-Saharan Africa, thereby associating Islam with a misogynistic attitude. But of late, we see another trend, one that seeks to disassociate female circumcision altogether from Islam without differentiating the proper Islamic form from the rest. Why, you may ask? It’s very simple really. There is a strong body of evidence emerging to support the view that the proper Islamic procedure involving the removal of the clitoral prepuce is beneficial to women and not detrimental to them……

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