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No Denial – a Rebuttal

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Published in the seMissourian, Speak Out, July 9, 2018

No denial

After WWII ended, many Germans said they had no knowledge of the concentration and death camp horrors implemented by the Nazis. Thanks to dogged coverage by the media, no American can credibly claim that he or she had no knowledge of the terrible tragedy occurring along the Texas-Mexico border.


Thank you to the citizen who wrote “No denial” that was published in Speak out on 07/09/2018. It brought back the undeniable fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D) condemned, without due process, thousands of Americans of Japanese descent to concentration camps because of their racial ancestry. There is no denying that Robert Carlyle Byrd (D) was a prominent figure in writing Jim Crow laws that kept hundreds of thousands of a particular southern racial class in “ghettos.” The law that is the cause of the “outrage” on the southern border of the United States was signed by William Jefferson Clinton (D).  The heart wrenching photos of illegal alien children in “Nazi concentration camps” were taken during the Barrack Hussein Obama Administration. That is correct, “no American can credibly claim that he or she had no knowledge of the tragedy” on the southern border and which political party’s ideology is responsible for it.

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